March 2018 Portfolio Group

Date - 14/03/2018
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Inner West Photo Society - Malvern Hill Uniting Church


This is our first portfolio meeting of the year. This meeting is to get eveyone started so please come along with some ideas for a project you would like to work on for the rest of the year. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you would like to do that’s okay, we can talk through potential ideas to help you decide on a project and provide inspiration. To facilitate group discussion and involvement please bring along printed images of your ideas or work in progress, or simply images/magazines/other work that inspires you and you are interested in.

Some things to consider are:

Subject – is there a particular topic you would like to raise through this project, or an item you would like to capture? Landscape, seascape, portrait, macro, shooting a partuclar f stop, shooting a particular shutter speed, using flash, shooting at night, low key, high key – the possibilities are endless. Sometimes it helps to try something you don’t normally do, get out of your confort zone and challenge yourself, or simply set yourself the task of learning something new. It also helps to give yourself limitations like only shooting at a particular time of day, or f/stop, as this helps you focus and forces you to find creative solutions to the boundaries in place to capture the images you want to achieve.

Scope – will this be one finely executed image, a series of images with a theme, a triptych?

Presentation – how will you present your work? Framed prints, as a website, digitally, on canvas, as a calendar, a photo book. What sort of parper will you print on – matt, gloss? The answers to these questions may also influence the type of images you capture.

It is important to remember that this should not be an impossible task. A challenge is good, but we are all time poor so ensure you pick a subject that you will be able to complete in a few months, or a location that you will be able to revisit if the first attempt does not work out. It is very rewarding to work on refining a set of images over time and the key is to keep it simple and not to over complicate things!

Finished portfolio projects will be presented in October 2018.

You will be working on your own project under the guidance of our mentor Greg Piper and constructive feedback from other member of the group. The aim here is to help each other through shared knowledge and support.

You can see Greg’s work via his website:

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