Using the Gallery

Club Members are encouraged to maintain albums of their work in the Photo Gallery. Members must first register before they are able upload their images. You may then maintain your album by deleting old photos and/or uploading new ones on a regular basis. You may change your photos as often as you like. For instructions on how to upload photos, read the Gallery User Guide.

You need to Login to the gallery to upload photos and do other maintenance to your Gallery pages. If you have not registered already, or if you have forgotten your Login password, contact the Gallery Administrator on the link below.

Gallery Administrator

Please provide your full name and state if you need a new account or a password reset. You will receive an email confirming your new Login details in due course. You may then go to the Gallery page, click on "Login" in the top left corner, enter your Login details and follow the site pages to upload your images. Alternatively have a read through the Gallery User Guide for a refresher on how to upload photos.

The Gallery software used to upload photos to gallery pages is installed on the web server so, there is no software to install or run on your computer.