Out of the Ordinary

Our final competition night for the year (not counting Top Shot coming up next month) was a competition with a difference. The theme was Outings, which meant that the photos had to be taken either on one of our club outings this year, or for those who couldn't make it on the day, at least at the same location and time of day.

The big difference was that we had no visiting judge to cast his or her eye over the offerings and deliver comments and verdicts. Instead the members present, along with our guest Ray, divided into groups.The groups then separately selected the images they considered to be the 5 best from each of the three categories (Small Print, Large Print and Digital). Once everyone had finished each group then presented its choices and explained why they had been chosen.  It was a very interesting exercise and produced quite a range of selections, which illustrated how difficult a judge's job can be and how opinions can differ about any given image.

In the absence of Members' Choices for this month here are some of the digital images that were selected.

Peter Norah Light Jenna Peaceful Coogee Rob Tidal Swirl