An Evening of Reflection

Our July competition night was off to a later than usual start with the delayed arrival of our judge Jim Crew but an interesting evening ensued just the same. The theme of the competition was "Reflections" and Jim made the point that this required that a reflection had to be the dominant element of the image to truly fit the theme. This meant that some images which might have scored well in an Open competition didn't do so well on this occasion because the reflection which featured in the image was more incidental to the image's impact.

With the judging criteria clearly defined Jim worked his way through the 35 digital images and 25 prints entered for the evening. Jim sometimes sought information from the owner of an image and welcomed comments from other members during his deliberations. By the end of the evening Jim had awarded 8 Merits, 16 Credits and 20 Acceptances awarded. The Merit winners were Ben (x3), Ashley (x2), Clair, Denis and Robert.

As usual, selecting a Member's Choice was no easy task, but on this occasion the lucky winners were:

Small Prints – Ashley for Where Did I Go? 2013_0706PoolReflections_0005
Large Prints – Ashley for Scrabble Reflection 2013_0302Reflections_0009

Digital – Ben for SHB


Thanks to Jim and all the members who helped to make it such an interesting evening.