An Eventful Evening

This month we played host to David Gross, who came to talk to us about his work in the field of Event Photography. David's work encompasses a wide range of events, including corporate, political and marketing as well as weddings, gatherings and concerts. During the evening David both displayed examples of his work to illustrate his techniques and showed some of the equipment he uses across a range of jobs. Of particular interest was the way he sets up and uses multiple flashes that he fires via wireless remote.

For those want to learn more about how to make the best use of their flash gear David recommended the educational and popular site called Strobist. Between David's infectious enthusiasm and the skills everyone can learn from perusing the Strobist website, there is no end to what members might accomplish on our studio night coming up next month!

Tonight we also welcomed one new member to our club, Peter, as well as three visitors for the evening – Ken, Con and Alex.