An Open Opportunity

The balmy August evening saw a good roll up, including three guests – John, Peter and Malcolm, to our last Open-themed competition evening for the year. Our judge for the occasion was Susan Buchanan from the Northside Creative club, who was impressed by some of the more unusual images on display. Susan gave a lot of helpful and imaginative feedback during the course of the evening and highlighted the fact that sometimes just a different crop of an image can make a significant difference. Susan frequently invited discussion from those attending to get a range of opinions on the 38 prints and 28 digital images that had been entered.

Overall the awards consisted of 12 Merits, 15 Credits and 12 Acceptances. The Merit winners for the evening were Rob (x3), Jim (x2), Aldo (x2), Michael, Monica, Ben, Pat and Ashley. The Member's Choice winners were as follows:

Small Prints – Ben for Autumn Colour 08S-Autumn Colour-wm
Large Prints – Jim for The Fireman  08L-01WilsonJ-wm
Digital – Jim for Let Go Of My Tail SONY DSC