Another Good Meeting

Another Good Meeting, otherwise known as our AGM, was held last Thursday evening. After hearing the President's and Treasurer's reports for 2014, those present discussed the results from the recent online members' survey. Overall the feedback on the club's year was quite positive. There were also a number of interesting suggestions made for future activities, outings and themes.

Once the discussion was completed it was time for our Returning Officer, Denis, to take the chair and declare all committee positions vacant and available for re-election. After three years of excellent leadership Monica was no longer available to serve as President. Jim was also unavailable to serve as Vice President next year, or to step up to the top job.

In keeping with time-honoured tradition, there was only one nominee for each executive position so there was minimal need for electioneering to fill positions. Thus our Execeutive Committee for next year was quickly established and stands as follows:

President: Ashley Cooper
Vice President: Peter Geng
Secretary: Clair Reynolds
Treasurer: Ben Knight
Competition Secretary: Rob Goodall
Webmaster: Rob Goodall
Past President: Monica Bailey

There followed a vote of thanks to Monica for her outstanding leadership and contribution as President for the last three years. And finally, congratulations to all new and returning members of the Executive Committee.