Competition Reminder

Hi All,

We would just like to remind everyone that our first competition night for 2015 – with an OPEN theme – is coming up on Thursday 19th.  

Print entries can be handed in on the night however digital submissions must be sent through to the competition secretary before the Sunday night of the competition night, in this case no later than Sunday 15th.


  • The maximum allowable pixel dimensions are now 1920 wide x 1080 high. As before you cannot switch these to 1080 wide by 1920 high – for images with a portrait orientation you just have to reduce the width to get the desired crop.
  • The maximum JPG file size has been increased to 1MB.


  • There is no longer a distinction between Small Prints and Large Prints – there is just a single Prints category to cover all prints up to the existing maximum of 16"x20". (40.64cm x 50.8cm) The maximum number of Print entries per competition is SIX.

New competition entry forms, name templates for the back of the prints and the all important rules are available from the Resourses section of the IWPS Website.

Those who prefer to print a blank form and fill out their entries by hand can use the PDF version. Those who are able to type their entry details into the MS-Word version and print that – so the Competition Secretary doesn't have to decipher sometimes illegible handwriting – will get a silent nod of thanks.

Even if you decide not to submit any entries for the cometition, we recommend you still attend the competition night to hear the judging and see your fellow members images.  Lots can be learnt from listening to the judges comments on the photos and seeing how others produce their shots.

We look forward to seeing the results of whatever you have been up to over the summer.

May the light be kind to you!