The subject for each competition is in the Schedule. This will either be a set theme (e.g. “Summer” or “The Colour Red”) or be an open competition where an image on any subject can be entered.


Experienced photographers and FCC judges are invited to review the images presented. They use their skills and knowledge of photography to talk about each image and will invite the members to participate in group discussion in order to achieve a meaningful dialogue about the images under review. The intention here is not only to provide valuable feedback to the photographer but also to equip members with inspiration and the skills to evaluate an image critically and without bias.

The IWPS has two categories for competitions: digital and print. All members are eligible to enter a maximum of four images for digital and six images for prints that conform to the competition theme, making a maximum of 10 images per member per month.

The judges/guest speakers are able to allocate awards to the images based on their qualities. IWPS uses three levels of award: Acceptance (2 points), Credit (3 points) and Merit (4 points).

On competition nights there is also a Members’ Choice Award where each member can vote for their favourite image within each category. A Members’ Choice Award earns a bonus (2 points) on top of any award from the judge or guest speaker.

Digital entries should be emailed to the Competition Secretary no later than the Sunday night prior to the club meeting, print entries can be brought along on the night.  Remember to check the competition rules for information about the sizes of photos allowed, and the file naming and sizing guide.

Internal Competitions 

IWPS uses two internal competitions to encourage participation and recognise excellence within the club.

The annual category winners are decided by the total number of competition points received by each member in that category over the year.

The Top Shot of the Year is a separate competition night in November where all images that had been awarded a Merit during the year are eligible for entry. A qualified judge/guest speaker then determines which image, in each category, they feel is the Top Shot of the Year.

How to submit your work

The following competition rules should be understood by all members when preparing to enter club competitions/critiques.

There is a template available for download to produce the labels required on the back of each print entry submitted. This comes in two versions:

There is also a template available for download to create the Entry Form required for all entries submitted. This also comes in two versions:

  • PDF Entry Form, for those who prefer to hand write the entry details on the form.
  • MS Word Entry Form for those who prefer to print the entry details on the form (your Competition Secretary prefers this approach!).