Des in June

This month saw the return of one of the most popular and entertaining judges Professor Des Crawley.  Des's unique style and commentary is definitely not to be missed.

As always his feedback and insight in to how to develop your photography as well as your photos was enjoyed by all.

Des commented that he was very impressed with our clubs growth and developement over the past three years and has put forward a challenge to each and every member – encouraage yourself to be expressive, develop, grow and put your own unique twist on it.

He also sent through a list of several words and their meanings from the 'The Language of Expressive Composition', he has challenged our members to take images to represent these expressive words and has requested that he come back to judge the results.

Much as Des dislikes giving scores he handed out the following awards; 20 Merits, 19 Credits and 15 Acceptances.  Congratulations to all, especially the Merit winners who were Stacey x 4, Thomas x 3, Amanda x 3, Jasonx 2, Kevin O'Sheehan x 2, Brian x 2, Kevin Shaw, Rob, Ben and Marie.

This month's Members' Choice winners were:

Prints – Stacey Skalkos, The Icelandic Horse No.3

Stacey Skalkos_The Icelandic Horse No.3

Digital – Brian Merrill, Have A Drink