Digital Workflow

A good crowd was on hand for last night's meeting – perhaps a result of knowing that any alternative that involved driving out of Sydney for the Easter break would be far less enjoyable in the heavy holiday traffic. In any case it was a good choice because our visiting presenter Michael Smyth proved to be very interesting. The topic was "Digital Workflow" – which presented the necessary steps in getting from an idea for an image to a final print, covering the various factors that come into play at different stages. 

As well as providing some valuable insights, Michael was kept busy with quite a few questions from the audience which helped direct the ensuing discussion. In summary it was a very interesting presentation that provided a number of helpful tips. 

Fortunately, anyone who couldn't be there on the night can catch up on the presentation via this link to Michaels' website:  However, you won't be able to catch up on the free Easter eggs that were available to those lucky members, including our latest new member Roland, who saw the presentation live!

@shley Cooper
IWPS President