Portfolio: execution

Date - 31/07/2024
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Inner West Photo Society


In this fifth session of the portfolio group, we continue to work on our projects that started in Feb.

Ben will facilitate us to catch up on how we are getting on with our projects.

Please join us if you missed previous meetings and are keen to do a project as there is plenty of time to do it. Bring your project idea and a notepad!

In this meeting, everyone has the opportunity to talk about their work and ask questions and seek advice. Please support each other by providing positive guidance and feedback as our projects progress.

When discussing projects it is best to bring printed copies of your images.

Why printed images? It is very helpful to spread the prints on the table for everyone is the group to be able to see and comment on. It is much harder to do this if images are stuck inside an ipad, phone or laptop. The prints do not have to be good quality, they can just be quick, small, inexpensive prints from Officeworks or your home printer. The idea here is to show your concept. If you are looking to create a series it is so helpful to be able to move the prints round the table into groupings to help you make your final selection and to see groupings or pairings that aren’t obvious when looking on a computer.

This is an extra meeting to our normal program, generally once a month.

See our portfolio page for more information and to see images of some past portfolio projects.

This session is for members only. If you are not a member and would like to join the club to join this meeting, please get in touch with our Secretary prior to the meeting.


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