Portfolio: introductory meeting & ideas statement

Date - 28/02/2024
7:30 am - 9:30 am

Inner West Photo Society


Each year IWPS runs a portfolio group. Each person joining the group works on their own project throughout the year. The the end of the year, the final projects are presented to the club. We encourage members to work on a physical project such as framed prints, calendars, photobooks, digital slideshows as it is very rewarding to create something tangible with your images.

Regular meetings are held throughout the year so that members can support each other by providing guidance and feedback as their projects progress. We are a friendly group and offer positive and constructive feedback. Everyone has the opportunity to talk about their work and ask questions and seek advice.

These meetings are facilitated by Ben, an experienced member of our club, who has a creative flair, an eye for detail and is excellent at motivating us and expertly guiding us through these sessions.

This first meeting is to introduce the program and to get you thinking about your own projects. Come along to the meeting with something, or a few things, in mind that you would like to work on for your project, and a notepad. The brief is very open – you can do what you like!We will talk about how to approach the project and can help with some brainstorming if you are very unsure. We encourage you to write an ideas statement to help to add some clarity and focus to your project.

Everyone in the group will be working on vastly different projects, but we can still help each other. Your project can be as easy or challenging as you like. Perhaps you just need to go back through your massive photo collection and make a selection to go into a photobook. Maybe, you’d really like to work in monochrome and would like to give that a go. Limiting yourself can be helpful i.e. taking photos at only f2. You could do street photography but with the added challenge of actually going up to people to ask their permission to take their photo. There are many possibilities, if you are not sure then just go for a subject you love.

This is an extra meeting to our normal program, generally once a month.

See our portfolio page for more information and to see images of some past portfolio projects.

This session is for members only. If you are not a member and would like to join the club to join this meeting, please get in touch with our Secretary prior to the meeting.


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