Fair’s Fare

Yesterday our club participated in the Glebe Street Fair for the second year in a row, both as display stall operators and as official photographers for the event. With last year’s experience behind us, and increased enthusiasm from the organisers based on our previous efforts, it was a much more productive and effective day all around, despite the frequently miserable weather.

Our stall was staffed in shifts by Marie, Jim, Sharon and Clair, assisted by the assigned event photographers Monica, Ben, Rob and Ashley. We sold 2 unframed prints, 2 framed prints, 2 postcards and 15 cards. Most importantly, we built up a list of 33 names of people who are interested in our club’s program for next year (no pressure Monica!).

Meanwhile the event photographers each had an assigned beat to work during the day to capture images of the various stage acts, buskers, stalls and just the crowd generally for the event organiser’s publicity. Their website already features a number of our photos from last year and we look forward to increased exposure from this year’s co-ordinated efforts that saw us capture more than 1,000 images on the day.