Getting Creative

Our June meeting was a visual treat thanks to our visiting presenters Janie and Len News.

The theme was "Having Fun With Photoshop" but, rather than a tutorial session, Len started with a slide show of some of his creative / altered reality photos – which included some very eye-catching images with Len himself usually featuring. Janie then talked us through how the images were constructed, showing the various elements that were combined to create the finished product. The process often included the purchase of specific props (such as a rubber chicken!) as well as trips to capture specific images, such as a gaol wall or a seagull in flight.

Len revealed that a good sense of humour is essential to his craft, and of course a good imagination doesn't go astray either. The presentation certainly showed how a sense of fun can lead to the creation of some very pleasing, entertaining and surprising images.

It will be interesting to see if this inspires some similar creative compositions from club members in the coming months.

Anyone interested in how Len goes about his creative process can read more about it here.