Hands on May

One of our fellow IWPS members – Brian Merrill – will be giving us a presentation of about 20-30 minutes duration on the subject of “Working with Designers”. I won’t steal Brian’s thunder by going into too much detail but it is basically about producing an image to fit a specific brief.

After the presentation we will split into groups to have a go at various hands-on activities around creating an image for a given purpose.

So, what to bring on the night:

· Camera (obviously!).

· Your favourite len(ses) for indoor work. (Including a macro lens if you have one).

· A flash – if you have one – might be useful.

· A tripod and remote shutter if you want to practice focus stacking.

· Some objects with which to practice focus stacking.

· If you have a laptop with Photoshop on it, bring that too if you want to try out photo stacking and deep etching.

On the off chance you have any portable studio lights lying around in the spare room, they would probably be useful too.

Brian has some Nikkor lenses which he is willing to let people with Nikons try out. If you have any lenses for Canon et al you are willing to share, please bring them along.