Honour Board – Alex Revel Top Shot Trophy Winners

The Top Shot for each category is selected in November from all images awarded a Merit or selected as a Members Choice during that year. The trophy was created in 2009 and is named in memory of Alex Revel, one of the founding members of the club who served with distinction on the executive committee for many years.

In its inaugural year the trophy was awarded only for Prints and Digital Images. In subsequent years the Print category was split into Large Prints and Small Prints, then in 2015 they were combined again to just Print category.

Prints Kevin O’Sheehan Blue
Digital Images Klaus Clemens The Start
Prints not awarded images to be judged in 2022
Digital Images Kevin O’Sheehan Waif
Prints not awarded images to be judged in 2021
Digital Images not awarded images to be judged in 2021
Prints Ron Bullions Flamingo Fandango
Digital Images Peter Conway The Golden Age of Leather
Prints Kevin O’Sheehan Elder
Digital Images Trish Curotta Where Eagles Dare
Prints Kevin O’Sheehan Untouchable
Digital Images Stacey Stalkos Let’s go to Uluru
Prints Amanda Hitchens Look Into My Eyes
Digital Images Amanda Hitchens Happiness
Prints Andreas Gshwind Too Early To Swim
Digital Images Thomas Buckwalter Pretty in Pink
Large Prints Jim Wilson Resting Maccaw
Small Prints Robert Goodall Coogee Surprise
Digital Images Robert Goodall Classic Toy Car
Large Prints Jim Wilson Gloucester Sunrise
Small Prints Ashley Cooper Curved Tracks
Digital Images Robert Goodall Torch Lit
Large Prints Ben Knight Sailor Duncan
Small Prints Ben Knight Amelia and Toby
Digital Images Robert Goodall Fighting Dogs
Large Prints Chris Pritt Flowing Windmill
Small Prints Patrick Murray Girl With Parasol
Digital Images KP Ho Australian Darter
Large Prints Chris Pritt Opera House Framed
Small Prints Joanna Cheng Boatman
Digital Images Scott Ratcliffe Bombo Headland
Prints Chris Pritt Fish Markets Triptych
Digital Images Marjorie Hystek Three Generations