Interesting Still Life

Our meeting on Still Life Photography turned out to be a very interesting night. There was no guest presenter required as club members chipped in to organise two activities as our guests, Michelle and Peter, looked on.

For one activity there were four different tables set up in the meeting room, each with a flower vase on it. After setting up our cameras the lights were turned off and torches used to paint light into the flowers. A few members had done this before and helped out those members who were trying it for the first time. There were some very interesting photos produced as a result.

The other activity took place outside the meeting room and involved a clear jug of water placed in front of a light box. Drops of food colouring were then added to the water and photos taken continuously as the colour dispersed throughout the water. It was great fun and Donna did and excellent job of emptying and refilling the jug! It was also funny that all the men had to ask what food colouring was and where you could buy it, whereas all the women already knew all about it. There were a lot of comments that "I would never have thought of using that!".

Everyone had a fun night and enjoyed using their camera for something new.