Once again we have reached the end of the year and time for the AGM. Thank you to everyone who came along as you have helped to shape the direction of the club next year by participating in discussions about different aspects of the club and what is working and what isn’t. One suggestion raised is already being implemented. Pete suggested that we run a monthly hashtag competition across our social media platforms and this will start on the 1st December – so get yourselves connected and watch out for the announcements about it.

2018 has been a good year and it is not only thanks to the exec committee for their hard work, but also to the members for getting involved and coming along to meetings etc. the club would certainly not be the fun and friendly place it is without you all.

We are sad to say that this is Ashley’s last year as President and we are indebted to him for all the time and effort he has put into this role over the years. He will not be an easy act to follow! Sadly our Vice President Thomas moved away from Sydney during the year, and has been greatly missed. So there were two positions to be filled this year, not an easy task!

We were much relieved to find that we had two interested parties to take over the role of President (and I’m sure Ashley was doubly relieved!). Rather than a heated contest for the role we now have a joint President. Officially, we have Stacey taking the title of President, and Deb taking the role of Vice President, however, they will be working closely to support each other with the task at hand. We warmly welcome Stacey and Deb to the exec committee. Of course, they are not alone, we are happy to see the return of Amanda as Secretary, Ben as Treasurer, Jason as Competition Secretary and Clair as the Online Media Co-ordinator (previously known as Webmaster, but updated this year to reflect the importance of social media to the club). Ashley remains on the committee in the role of Past President (just to make sure we all behave ourselves and don’t do anything too outrageous).

The committee are already hard at work getting together the schedule for next year.

There is only one thing left to do this year and that is our xmas dinner and presentation night – see you all there!