Lights, Camera, Action!

There was a late cancellation from the presenter on Thursday but a quick e-mail meant that a practical session on light painting was organised. Eleven members and one visitor, now member, Joshua attended.

Light painting is a technique where hand held lights are used to make patterns during a multi-second exposure, with cellophane used to make different colours.

The first part of the night was completed in pairs getting the basics of the technique and camera settings right. We then moved onto more complex set-ups as groups started collaborating on designs. For the last half of the night all the cameras were set up at one end of the room as ‘scenes’ were developed at the other using multiple light sources. Around four ‘scenes’ were created with participants rotating between taking the photos and being creative. All told a highly enjoyable and social night that highlighted the depth of talent in the club.

Below are a couple of samples from the night's exercises.

IWPS light drawing 01  IWPS light drawing 02