Looking ahead to 2023

Firstly, a massive thank you to our exiting exec committee.

Ben has done a fantastic job as president through our troubled COVID times. He managed to keep us engaged through online meetings and got us back into face to face meetings in the hall again. Not only is Ben our most recent president, but he has been our trusted treasurer for many years. As well as all that he strives to keep us creative and has been running the portfolio group for a couple of years now.

We very much appreciate Elyssebeth’s work as secretary in the past year, and Amanda’s work as Vice President. Both have provided invaluable support and we are looking forward to seeing more of their images and definitely more of Elyssebeth’s stories in the year ahead.

A huge thank you to Shaun who, it seems, was instrumental in recruiting the new exec and ensuring the continuation of our small but lovable club. So, we will welcome in the new year with a fantastic team.

Your new president is Colleen who is perfect for the role and who will make sure we get all the photography we deserve (and in return we will forgive her if she doesn’t make it to a meeting in the deepest, darkest, winter cos it is too cold in the hall). Ron takes over the reigns as secretary and Drew has stepped up to the vice presidency. It is really great to have new people on the exec to bring in fresh ideas. Add this to the experience that Ashley, Jason and Clair have on the team and I think we are going to have an exciting 2023 ahead!

We’ll be putting our heads together and working out a schedule for next year. We’ll email round the schedule and post it here once it is ready. In the meantime, we hope you have a fantastic xmas and new year!