Member Services

We provide a range of services to our members, including:

  • Presentation: An invited photographer hosts a presentation on a specific topic(s). Topics vary and can include anything related to photography including photographic genres, techniques, professional practice, computer skills, printing, etc.
  • Competition: Members can submit up to 4 digital images and 6 printed images to each competition night. Competitions are judged by photographers from outside the club who have attended a NSW Federation of Camera Clubs Judging Course. Judges review and provide commentary on each image and give awards (worth points). The member with the highest number of award points over the year wins the print or digital ‘Competition’. See the Club’s internet page for competition information and rules (including the submission and preparation of images, also help sizing and naming images for competition is available).
  • Critique: An opportunity for members to present images outside of a competition setting. The member chooses the purpose of presenting (e.g. review, critique, interest, information, etc).
  • Photo 101: Members can request help or information on any photographic topic including basic and intermediate theory, camera settings and operation, computer processing, etc. Requests need be made in advance of the meeting. If of interest to a number of members this will be addressed in the main hall, otherwise separate instruction may be provided in a side room.
  • Creativity Challenge (annual): Members are invited to submit 3 images and receive 3 different images in return. Members have a month to creatively modify and alter the images before presenting them at a club evening. Members can use any digital and physical alteration technique and can use additional photographic elements and photos. Note: As member is not the author of all aspects of the image these images are ineligible for competitions.
  • Workshop: An evening meeting in the church hall where members are invited to bring their camera gear and take photos while we explore a photographic technique, topic or subject
  • Top Shot (annual): An invited judge selects their favourite print and digital image from the year. All images that received a Merit or a Member’s Choice Award from a Competition night are automatically entered. All members who did not received a Merit or a Member’s Choice Award that year are able to submit a single image to each category that they had entered to a competition that year. These images can be modified by the author prior to submission
  • Portfolio: Organised on non-Club night Wednesdays,the Portfolio Group are for members who want to complete a photographic project or portfolio of images over the club year. Six Portfolio meetings are held based on identifying, developing, executing and refining an idea. Sessions are highly interactive with significant time given to each member to present their work and receive feedback and ideas from other members.
  • Outing: A photographic opportunity outside of the club nights to take photos. Location and times are organised by the Club but each member is free to arrive, take images and leave as they wish. Members are welcome to seek advice and/or buddy up for the event and usually we get together for a coffee, food and a chat afterwards.
  • 90 min Challenge: An outing where members are given 90min to take and post images to a folder in the Cluster App. Images must be taken within the challenge window, can be of any subject and can be altered in any way (within the 90mins). Members gather after the end of challenge to vote for their favourite and for food/coffee.
  • Competition Member’s Choice Award: During competition nights members are invited to select their favourite 3 print images and 3 favourite digital images. The digital and print image with the highest number of votes each receive a Members Choice Award (worth competition points). Competition Member’s Choice Award images from competition nights are automatically eligible for Top Shot.
  • Photographic Exhibition: The club may organise an exhibition event for its members. This is a voluntary and participating member funded event with all participating members covering the cost, organising, production and attendance requirements of the exhibition. This event will not be held in 2022 due to the uncertainty associated with theCOVID-19 pandemic
  • Weekend Away: The club may organise a weekend away to a photographic location. Members are encouraged to arrive Friday afternoon and numerous photographic opportunities are organised through to Sunday lunchtime. This is a participating member funded event, with the club organising the accommodation and photographic locations. At this stage this event will not be held in 2022 due to the uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic
  • IWPS Annual: Each year the club produces a PDF annual which is a collection of images from each member that year. Each member can include four images of their choice that best represents their work that year.

Although the main focus of the club is on physical meetings and outings, we also have a strong online presence. As well as this website, we are also on the social media sites facebook and Instagram. We use flickr as a place where members can post their images to share with the club. These sites are helpful in keeping members updated about club events and activities and providing members with places to share their images and interact outside of club meetings.

If you are already using any of these sites then the quick links below will help you to find us.

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