Modes of Transport

For those of you who could not attend this months competition you missed out one of the most entertaining and insightful judges we have had all year.

Des Crawley departed from our usual way of judging the print images; instead he wandered around the room making comments and providing feedback on the images in groups based on a selection of criteria, it was very different appraoch and very enjoyable.

Congratulations to all, there were a total of 11 Merits, 18 Credits and 7 Acceptances given out on the night.  

The Merit winners were Thomas x 2, Rob x 2, Ben x 2, Andreas, Brian, Aldo, Clair and Kevin. 

This month's Members' Choice winners were:

Digital – Kevin Shaw for Framed
Prints – Thomas Buckwalter for Syon Glasshouse

Next Meetings
Aug-06    Hands On Night – TBA (more info to follow shortly)
Aug-09    Outing: Bicentennial Park / Wetlands
Aug-20    Competition: Open
Aug-25    Portfolio