Next Meeting – Hands On Night

Wed 6th April, 7:30pm  Our next meeting will be a hands on affair. We will be taking advantage of having two different areas in the hall to explore two aspects of our passion.

Sunday School Room: ISO, aperture and shutter speed

The exercises in the Sunday School Room will focus on developing an understanding of the technical foundations of capturing images with the camera. Targeting members who want to move on from the ‘Auto’ functions we will be looking at the effect of changes to ISO, different shutter speeds and different apertures.

To maximise time taking images it would be preferable if everyone came knowing how to change the setting on their camera to Aperture Priority and Shutter Speed Priority and how to change the ISO – but we can do this on the night if needed.

What to bring:

·         Camera

·         Tripod (recommended but not essential)

·         Camera manual


Main Hall : Light painting

Following the talk by Peter Solness ( the main hall and surrounding rooms will be set up to enable members to have a go at Light Painting. There will be different sized objects in different areas and a variety of different lighting tools will be available.


What to bring:

·         Camera

·         Tripod (Essential, but there should be an opportunity to share)

·         Remote (or knowledge of how to use the self-timer)

·         Torches and other lights (no naked flames please)

·         Any particular object you want to photograph

We have plenty of space so I hope to see many of you there.