Open for Competition – Kind of…

Well our August Open theme competition didn't quite go as planned when a mix up resulted in our scheduled judge, Susan Buchanan, getting the date wrong. However all was not lost. We were still able to get our Members Choice votes tallied (see below) and the digital entries were passed on to Susan to do her adjudications over the following weekend. Susan provided written comments for all entries, and in some cases included sample edits to illustrate possible improvements. Out of the 46 digital entries there were 8 Merits, 10 Credits and 8 Acceptances. Congratulations to the Merits winners who were Rob x2, Ben x2, Monica, Ashley, Don and Jim.

The print entries will be held over until next month and judged separately to the "Strength in Number" images entered on that night.

This month's Members' Choice winners were:

Small Prints – Ashley for Opera House Moon Opera House Moon
Large Prints – Don for Monkey at Temple Monkey at Temple
Digital – Michael for Connections Connections