Open for the Year

It was a delight to see such a large group attend our first open competition of the year.  

Our judge was the very experienced Russell Field, he offered valuable feedback and constructive criticism on each of the 30 digital images and 32 prints submitted.  Russell was impressed by the high standard of images presented and encouraged all members to enter their images into several state and national competitions, including the FCC's Top Shot (please note the club will call for entries and explain details of the FCC's Top Shot later in the year).

Russell awarded 9 Merits, 13 Credits and 12 Acceptances. Congratulations to all, especially the Merit winners who were Ashley x 2, Ben, Monica, Jenna, Kevin, Clair, Aldo and Sharon.

This month's Members' Choice winners were:

Prints – Clair for Steps
Digital – Michael for On Board