Open Slather Again

 There was a good roll-up to our second Open themed competition for the year with Judge Patricia Beal presiding, recent new member Karl entering the fray for the first time and visitors Josephine and Michelle watching on.

Patricia did a good job of providing constructive feedback whilst making sure that the evening didn't run too long. This was important because there were 48 Digital entries to get through as well as 12 Small prints and 16 Large prints. When all the adjudications were done there were 8 Merits awarded along with 19 Credits and 20 Acceptances. The Merits Award recipients were Jim (2), Kevin (2), Aldo, Claire, Michael and Pat.

The Member's Awards went to:

Small Prints – Aldo for Boat House 04S-Aldo-Boathouse
Large Prints – Jim for Gloucester Sunrise KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA
Digital – Dallas for A Dark Saturday Night 04D-ThomasD-ADarkSaturdayNight

Well done to everyone for the diverse range of images presented on the night, and it is good to see some new members still showing up some of us older members!