Pack Up Your Old Kit Bag

For all photographers who like to travel with camera in hand, Dennis Jones was the man with all the tips as he talked to us about travel and photography. Importantly Dennis's talk was not just about how to photograph this or that famous landmark. Instead the focus was on practical advice to help the whole travel-with-camera experience go more smoothly, and so allow you to be more prepared to make the most of the photogaphic opportunities when they arise.

Topics covered included:

  • how to plan
  • the potential pitfalls of booking airline tickets to multiple destinations
  • how to understand the minefield of baggage allowances (and some suggestions to legally get around them)
  • how to ensure that your luggage is secure
  • the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of travel insurance
  • the advantages and disadvantages of exit row seating
  • what to do and not to do when in a foreign country
  • what camera gear to take depending on what you are planning to shoot
  • how to back up and ensure that your images are safe even if all of your equipment is stolen

Dennis finished off the night with a small sample of some of his stunning images of Africa and India.

It was an evening very well spent.