Perfect Lines

Our competition for May had the theme "Lines of Perfection", and our members certainly showed there are many ways in which to depict lines of all types – though fortunately no-one took the homophonic route and tried submitting a photo of a "lion"!

Our judge for the evening was Linda Jocelyn who did a very thorough job of providing feedback on all 46 images presented for judging. Linda commented afterwards that the standard was very high, which was reflected in the number of awards she felt compelled to make. Our guests for the evening, David and Nitish, certainly picked a good evening to come along and see a lot of impressive images.

The final tally was 10 Merits, 16 Credit and 11 Acceptances across the categories. The Merit winners on this occasion were Ben (x3), Peter G (x2), Jim (x2), Robert, Denis and Ashley. A special congratulations to new member Peter G for scoring two Merits in his first competition. Well done to everyone for setting the bar so high.

This month's Members' Choice awards were as follows:

Small Prints – Ashley for Armory  Armory
Large Prints – Denis for Ceiling of Lines  
Digital – Michael for Racing Racing