Phantastic Portpholio Fotos!

Our 2014 Portfolio Programme reached its finale with the Portfolio Presentation Night at our October meeting. After six months of hard work we had four members ready to present their completed portfolios to their assembled peers.

First up was Monica who had deliberately tackled the topic of Street Photography because it was not a genre that she had previously felt comfortable doing. Monica presented the results of her work in the form of a printed coffee table book containing about 30 monochrome images. The variety and quality of the end result suggested that Monica has done a good job of developing her skills in the art of street photography. New York Teens
Next was Clair who presented eight images mounted in doubled sided perspex blocks. Claire's theme was clouds, and featured an array of interesting cloud patterns, many of them backlight by the sun. The mono tones resulted in a kind of abstract moody feel that was quite captivating. Lone cloud
Ben was next, with his large framed photos of paper folds. He explained that after trying for some time to work out the best way to present the photos he had been working on it was only in the last 10 days that he hit on the idea of presenting them as reflected images. The result was a collection of very pleasing geometric images. Paper Folds 1
Finally Aldo stepped up to present the result of his labours. In his case this was a series of what looked like urban landscapes that were actually built on his dining room table from many thousands of staples – stacked and laid out to look like skyscrapers, bridges, warehouses, etc. The end result was very well done. Staple Final

Congratulations to all for the creativity and hard work displayed in producing such a splendid array of portfolio work.