Portfolio Meeting #1

The first meeting of the 2015 portfolio group was on Tuesday 10th March to discuss the aims of the group and to start sharing ideas.

The group is a collection of members who want to produce a series of images with a connecting theme.  The theme can be anything from a story, an emotion, using a technique or any other visual clue that takes the viewer through a series of images.

A number of members who had previously completed portfolios shared their examples. 

At the meeting we discussed how often the hardest thing when doing a portfolio can be to select a theme, it was therefor suggested that the portfolio subject be:

•    Personal, so the passion drives the cognitive processes and desire to get to the end product

•    Achievable, so as not to be inhibited by constraints that are part of your life, your skill set and your equipment

•    Repeatable, so the photographer can go back repeatedly to modify, change and develop the ideas and skills

•    Challenging, as we are here to learn and extend our photography

The next portfolio group meeting is on the 21st April at which time members should be developing the base ideas of their subject and have taken some initial photos. 

Please note members who did not attend Tuesday’s meeting are still very welcome to become involved with the group and can talk to any of the participants if they want to know more information.