Portfolio Meeting #2


Those who braved the bad weather to attend tonights portfolio meeting shared their proof of concept shots and ideas with the group.

A brief summary of some of the items discussed on the night is below:

  • Clair showed us her infra-red photography and then explained some of the techniques she used to get her concept shots.  The group then discussed her street tree concept and how she could develop the idea further.
  • Ben presented his sliced food photographs arranged in a wonderful tessellated pattern.  The group admired his arrangement and then helped with some advice in relation to some technical problems he noted he was experiencing.  
  • Rob shared his multiple ideas, not having fixed on one before the meeting the group helped him narrow his options and fix on a single idea. 
  • Aldo noted his intension to photograph buildings along a 23km stretch of the Parramatta Road – that's right 23km.  He present several test shots and showed them in differing tones for the group to review and comment on.

All-in-all a fun and educational night was had by all.  Thanks to those who braved the poor weather to attend.

Members who could not make it can bring along their images to any normal club night if they want some help / feedback from the portfolio group members.


The next portfolio group meeting is on  June 2nd at which time members should be bringing along some of their images for review and discussion.  If you haven't already please get out and start taking some images for your portfolio.

Members are still very welcome to become involved with the group and can talk to any of the participants if they want to know more information.