Portfolios without Minister

Our portfolio meeting was an interesting one, with six members presenting the results of their work developing a portfolio over the year. The topics, approaches and presentations all differed significantly, featuring monochrome, colour, an assortment of frame types, cardboard mounts and display books.

The following themes were presented:

Aldo :  Street Photography – a collection of monochrome images from the Leichhardt area.

Ben  :  Back doors – a collection of images of back doors to various buildings, mostly around the inner city.

Claire :   Flowers – a collection of studio style images of flowers using natural light.

Rob  :  Flowers – a collection of images of flowers using torch light.

Sharon :   Portraiture – a collection of portrait images taken using natural light.

Tricia  :  The Harbour Bridge – a collection of images in which the Sydney Harbour Bridge appears, either as the key subject, as a backdrop or just as an incidental feature.

In closing, our mentor Len Metcalf spoke of the value of maintaining a portfolio program, not just as a club, but as an individual because of the continuous learning process that comes with it. Certainly all club members who worked on a portfolio this year attested to the skills and alternative viewpoints they had gleaned from the process, and looked forward to taking on new challenges in the future.