Naming and Sizing Digital Images

Any digital file submitted to the club for any purpose must be named and sized according to the guidelines below. This applies to all club activities i.e. competitions, critiques, show and tell, portfolio and annual submissions to name a few.


File Naming

All digital images submitted must be named and numbered using the following naming convention:

<Two Digit Number> <Name Surname> – <Image Title>

01 Hank Azzopardi – Title

For example:

Image 1: 01 Hank Azzopardi – Big Tree
Image 2: 02 Hank Azzopardi – Mountain
Image 3: 03 Hank Azzopardi – Stream
Image 4: 04 Hank Azzopardi – A Great Photo


Sizing and formatting

  • Digital images will not exceed 2Mb in size.
  • The pixel dimension shall not exceed 1920 pixels in width and 1200 pixels in height. (Note: You cannot switch these dimensions to be 1920 pixels in height and 1200 pixels in width)
  • The image resolution will be 72 pixels/inch.
  • The colour profile shall be sRGB.
  • All images must be saved/presented in the JPEG format.


Lightroom and Photoshop Configuration