Sunrises, sunsets, steel wool and star trails

An intrepid group of club members gathered at Norah Heads last weekend to participate in our club's first weekend outing. The location was conveniently located close to beaches, a headland complete with lighthouse, a lake with a number of long jetties and several national parks.

As well as the requisite early starts for sunrise over the water and late nights to create photographs of star trails, we had an outing to capture sunset over the lake. This was capped by a luminous display of burning steel wool demonstrated by Rob – abruptly ended by a broken chain and a plaintive cry of "That was my whisk!".

Overall it was a very enjoyable and enlightening couple of days as we swapped tips, tried out new techniques, and enjoyed camaraderie over a few drinks.

Our congratulations to Monica and Rob for doing so much ground work to ensure a successful weekend of fotographic phun!

2013_0928DawnShoot_0227 2013_0929jpegs_0015-ed