The Numbers Have It

Our guest judge for this month, Peita Ward, drew double duty. Before embarking on the judging of this month's entries, Peita evaluated the print entries carried over from last month's Open theme competition. It was interesting that she felt a couple of them could have been entered in this month's themed competition. Of the 19 carry over print entries there were awards of 3 x Merits, 4 x Credits and 2 x Acceptances. The Merits were shared by Ashley, Pat and Don.

With the catch-up judging completed it was on to this month's theme – Strength in Numbers. This evidently proved to be quite a challenge for many members, with the strength not being evident in the number of entries! Even then Peita was not entirely convinced that all of the entries truly fitted the theme of "Strength in Numbers". Nevertheless it was interesting to see the range of interpretations and ideas that had been inspired by the topic. Across all categories the final result was 8 x Merits, 5 x Credits and 5 x Acceptances. The Merits were shared around between Jim (x2), Kevin S, Peter, Ben, Pat, Aldo and Ashley.

This month's Members Choice winners were as follows:

Small Prints – Ashley for Mush! Mush
Large Prints – Aldo for Roro 30 IWPS Raro Street 08-ed
Digital – Ben for Paper Unbrellas Paper Umbrellas