The Results Are In…

It was a delight to see such a large group attend our first open competition of the year.  

Our judge was Ilona Abou-Zolof,  she offered valuable feedback and constructive criticism on each of the 65 digital images and 37 prints submitted.  Ilona was impressed by the high standard of images presented and made a good point that no matter what feedback (either positive or negative) you recieve you (the photographer) are often your harshest critic.

Ilona awarded 29 Merits, 45 Credits and 28 Acceptances.  Congratulations to all, especially the Merit winners who were Ben x 4, Clair x 3, Thomas x 3, Tim x 3, Michael x 3, Chris x 2, Rob x 2, Aldo x 2, Sharon, Pat, Sally, Farid, Ada, Patricia & Stacey.

Impressively we had four new members scoring a total of 3 Merits, 13 Credits & 4 Acceptances between them, which is excellent for their first competition entries.  Congratulations and welcome to the club.

This month's Members' Choice winners were:

Prints – Pat Murray for Ship Painter 1 Pat Murray
Digital – Michael Liang for All Right Mate ? Michael Liang_All Right Mate