There was movement at the Photo Club…

Our recent club competition night challenged members to submit entries to fit the theme of "Movement" which, not surprisingly was interpreted in a number of interesting ways. There were 39 digital entries offered for judging along with 17 small prints and 19 large prints.

Our judge for the evening, Doug Carley, set criteria for determining if an image matched a theme which was very open to different interpretations. He explained his reasoning well and applied it consistently and fairly with thought provoking feedback. Doug also mentioned that he was particualrly impressed by the quality of the digital entries.

At the conclusion of his deliberations Doug had awarded 9 Merits, 19 Credits and 20 Acceptances. The Merit winners were Ben (2) , Sharon, Pat, Aldo, Rob, Jim , Peter and Michael. A special congratulations for recent new member Sharon who scored a Merit on her first night of competition with the club.

The evening's Members Awards went to:

Small Prints – Aldo for Cycle Home 05S-Aldo-Cycle Home
Large Prints – Aldo for Wave 05L-Aldo-Wave
Digital – Michael for Seashore 05D-LiangM-Seashore




Well done to everyone for contributing to an evening that generated many interesting approaches to the theme.