Top Shot 2015 – The Best of the Best

This Thursday night (Nov 5th) is where IWPS presents all of the images which recieved either a Merit or Members Choice Award during the 2015 year.

The judge, Phil Ramsden will come along to review and select the Top Shot winners from all our best images of this year.

It is always a great occasion to see all our members' best work of the year on display at the same time.  We highly recommended all members attend this wonderful night.

For those who entered print categories during the year, please don't forget to bring your prints which received a Merit or Members Choice during the year, if they do not appear on the night then they are no eligible for our clubs top award – Rob will have already emailed you all on Oct 18th with a list of what images you have that qualified for this award.  If you have not recieved this email or have questions please give him a call on 0405 751 043 as soon as possible.