Open Competition For The Year

 Last night we held our first competition for the year, which had an Open theme. Clearly some members had been busy over the summer break because, although the number of print entries was about average, we had a record 44 entries in the digital section.

We were delighted to have six visitors join us for the occasion – Jim, Hannah, Karl, Wendy, Michelle and Sharon. We also welcomed three new members – Joann, Aldo and Clair – to the evening’s proceedings, and we look forward to their contributions throughout the year.

Our guest judge for the evening, Richard Fackender, provided excellent feedback and suggestions for all the images submitted. In keeping with the Open theme, these spanned a range of genres including landscapes, portraits, urban landscapes, street photography, sports and creative images. Following the critiques, Richard awarded 9 Acceptances, 18 Credits and 11 Merits. The Merit recipients were Rosemary (x2), Denis (x2), Ben (x2), Ashley (x2), Michael, Rob and Terry.

The winners of the Members' Choice Awards* for the evening were as follows:

Small Prints – Ashley for The Dancers 02S-2012_1118GlebeStFair_0138
Large Prints – Rosemary for Tibet 02L-Tibet1
Digital – Ashley for Busy Bee 02D-2012_1002AtMtGambier_0013

Thank you to everyone for such a promising start to the year.

* Members' Choice now earns a bonus two points towards the annual points competition.